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Our toolbox system based on lime is being used for conservation of stone, mortar and plaster. All of our products are developed by IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG in close cooperation with restorers. For more than 10 years, CaLoSiL® and CaLoXiL products are applied in various areas of monument preservation. Furthermore, the products of the CaSoPaL® series are used in ecological construction and mold removal.

To adapt our products to as many situations as possible, they are in continuous development. We gladly help you with your project and support you with the planning and application.

We bring stone back to life!

Our large range of products based on nanolime offers different options for an optimal strength and restoration of monuments and buildings made from stone, mortar or plaster.

For the preservation of stone, especially products of the CaLoSiL® and CaLoXiL series are provided. Aside from a general structural consolidation with CaLoSiL®, cracks in walls or sculptures can be closed with our liquid CaLoXiL injection mortar. More surface forming products of the CaLoXiL series you can find in our product catalog.

Especially for the treatment of mold and algae on stone surfaces of houses, our products of the CaSoPaL® series were developed. The removal of mold and biological growth can be accomplished with out the use of chlorine.

Additionally, we offer professional desalination compresses. The usage of these can reduce salt in walls, sculptures and natural rock formations significantly. We pay close attention to an easy usage and a high effectiveness of the material.

Products for Professional Treatment of Stone, Mortar and Plaster:


  • Structural consolidation
  • Nanolime dispersed in different alcohols
  • Lime concentration up to 50 g/L


  • Surface and crack treatment
  • Lime repair mortar
  • Lime injection mortar
  • Lime slurry, lime filler and lime glaze


  • Save removal of fungal and algal growth with CaSoPaL® plus
  • Lime paints
  • Lime roll plaster

Further products

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