Services in the field of stone consolidation, conservation & restoration

Our service around CaLoSiL®, CaLoXiL, SioXaL and desalination

Every restoration project is different and, therefore, presents new challenges. With us you have a qualified partner for planning, the choice of appropriate products as well as methods and analysis of sample materials.

We gladly support you with every step during your project:



Preliminary Examination in the Laboratory

We gladly analyze your available samples and evaluate the results. We also assist you with the planning of further pre-examinations.

  • Analyze original- and dummy material in the laboratory
  • Combination of different products
  • Assistance and development of suggestions for an optimal consolidation result
Preliminary Examination On-Site

All theory is grey and every project has its own requirements. For that reason, we support your first test trials and preliminary examinations on-site.

  • Lay out of testing areas on the object
  • Test of different application methods and combination of products
  • Assistance and development of suggestions for an optimal consolidation result

Of course, we can analyze all received samples of the restoration object. Among others, we can offer these available methods:

  • Determination of salinity in stone, mortar, plaster and compress material
  • Determination of the content of the stone, mortar, plaster by thermal decomposition
  • Thermal analysis (DTA/TGA up to 1500 °C)
  • Pressure- and flexible strength
  • Ultrasonic measurements of the stone

You would like to know how to use our products for the best possible outcome? You are not sure if and how you can combine different products? Is it possible or even reasonable to mix our products with silica acid esters? Where is the strengthening effect of the different products? We answer you all of these questions in our training courses:

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