CaLoSiL®CaLoXiLCaSoPaL® │ SioXaLDesalination Compress

We established a technology to introduce the possibility to produce stable nanolime suspension in technical scale for the first time. Based on these suspensions we created a variety of products, which can support you with different stages of your restoration project.




Every restoration starts with a detailed evaluation and damage diagnostics of the object. Goal is to assess the damage and its degree as well as the endangerment of further destruction, to describe the necessary methods for the conservation.

The object will be cleaned depending on the result. Removal of dirty layers with water jet, particle beam or laser is inevitable most of the times.

Biological growth should also be removed, to prevent the destruction of the stone through varying absorption of moisture and drying behavior as well as biogenic acid production. For this case, we present our CaSoPaL®.

Large amounts of salt in the stone can be another source of destruction. In the case of an enrichment close to the surface, desalination with compresses or sacrificial plaster is the right approach for conservation. Beforehand, the depth profile of the salt should be measured to evaluate the exposure and the success of the treatment. Of course, we will take care of all analysis for you.


Every weathering comes with a loss of consolidation. Therefore, the consolidation is an important part of the conservation to delay the impairment of the object. A comparison between weathered and non-weathered stone results in similar properties of the object in the end. The consolidation can be accomplished with CaLoSiL® and SioXaL. CaLoSiL® is a consolidation agent based on nanolime particles and alcohol, SioXaL is based on finest particles of silicon dioxide in water. The small particles allow both agents to deeply penetrate the damaged stone. This prevents a consolidation only on the surface which can lead to crusts or flaking clods.


Last step of the conservation/restoration is the reconstruction of the object. Appropriate measures for the protection of the object can be taken, but also the recovery of the previous condition of the object is possible (e.g. appearance or functionality). Our CaLoXiL products support you with this step. The filling of cracks, for example, can be achieved by the use of our injection mortar, surfaces can be shaped with our CaLoXiL filler. Furthermore, the surface can be treated with lime paint and lime mortar from our CaSoPaL® collection.