CaLoXiL – Products for Surface Treatment and Filling
of Cracks and Cavities

Open for Diffusion │ White Lime Hydrate │ Crack Filling

All CaLoXiL products are based on well-defined mixtures of conventional white lime hydrate, different marble flours and CaLoSiL®-nanolime. They are produced by a special dispersion process, which gives excellent processing properties.

The exactly defined particle size distribution of all components results in exemplary mechanical properties of the formed mass. All products are free of any additional organic binders. High water vapor permeability and capillarity as well as excellent water suction capacity are typical. CaLoXiL® products exhibit good adhesion on all mineral surfaces. Low shrinkage and high freeze-thaw resistance are typical.

You can also receive a ready-to-use, abrasion-resistant lime paint for a coating open for diffusion. Due to their high pH value, all materials are antibacterial and prevent growth of mold and algae. All of our products are tintable with lime-stable pigments.

CaLoXiL repair mortar open for diffusion, no shrinkage, suitable for larger cracks and cavities
CaLoXiL injection grout
extra fine
water reduced, highly flowable injection grout, extremely fine particles
CaLoXiL injection grout
classical, waterbased mortar for filling finest cracks, cavities, trays and scales
CaLoXiL filler
fine & extra fine
traditional lime filler for surface finishing, filling of cracks and smoothing irregularities
CaLoXiL slurry
lime slurries with fine marble flour for filling of shrinkage cracks and for surface finishing
CaLoXiL slurry
crack-binding slurry with coarser additives
CaLoXiL lime glaze ready-to-use, slightly glazing lime paint

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