Nano Lime │ Mold Removal │ Lime Paint │ Chlorine Free

The occurrence of mold is an increasing problem which affects the health of millions of people. The visible infestation often represents only a fraction of the infected areas. The CaSoPaL® anti-mold system offers an ecological and safe control - without the use of chlorine or other highly toxic biocides.

  • CaSoPaL® plus is the first medium, which combines the disinfecting effect of alcohol with the longterm effects of lime.
  • With CaSoPaL® plus you have the possibility to remove mold in living rooms and buildings safely and quickly.
  • Alcohol is the safest way to kill mold. Lime suspended in the alcohol creates a long-term mold-free milieu due to its high pH value.
CaSoPaL® plus Nano lime suspended in ethanol, safe mold removal, long term effect, depth effect, no usage of health harming substances, no harmful byproducts
CaSoPaL® clean Disinfectant for the treatment of mildew on wallpaper or other materials, which have to be removed during the refurbishment of rooms and buildings
CaSoPaL® lime paint classic Ready-for-use lime paint, diffusion-open, highly alkaline, abrasion resistant, tintable with alkalinity resistant pigments, application possible by brushing, rolling and spraying
CaSoPaL® lime paint brillant Ready-for-use, highly alkaline, diffusion open lime paint, abrasion resistant, brilliant white due to the addition of titanium dioxide, high covering capacity, tintable with alkalinity resistant pigments
CaSoPaL® roll on render Ready-for-use, highly alkaline, diffusion open lime based roll plaster for decorative wall design with varying grain sizes

Use our CaSoPaL® products safely: Please read the label and product information before usage.