Desalination Compress

Capillary Active │ Close to the Surface │ Cement & Lime Free

Salts find its way into the masonry either by the material itself or by chemical or biochemical reactions of the material with the surrounding. However, those salts are not necessarily damaging the stone. With climatic changes the salinity becomes visible. These can result in efflorescence, damp stains or, in the worst-case, damage to the stone. If the salts accumulated close to the surface area a desalination is reasonable and should take place before the restoration. In some cases, consolidation of the sensitive area has to be performed before the desalination, to minimize the loss of material. The depth profile of the salt should be analytical determined to report the success of the application.

The desalination can either be achieved by intense watering, a sacrificial plaster or by desalination compresses. We offer a capillary-active desalination compress to reduce salts close to the surface. The moist compress is applied to the affected area and removed after it is completely dried.

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