CaLoSiL® – Structural Conservation & Consolidation of Stone

Nanolime │ Alcohols │ Conservation of Stone

CaLoSiL® is a ready to use stone consolidator, which contains calcium hydroxide nano-particles stably dispersed in different alcohols. The particle sizes range from 50 to 250 nm, which guarantees good penetration, even in materials with low porosity. Solid calcium hydroxide layers are formed after evaporation of the alcohols. These convert into calcium carbonate by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide.

As dispersing agent different alcohols are used (ethanol, n-propanol, iso-propanol). The content of calcium hydroxide of our products ranges from 5 g/L up to 50 g/L. The consolidatory effect of CaLoSiL® is based on the conversion of calcium hydroxide to calcium carbonate (lime stone) with atmospheric carbon dioxide. This is a similar process to the setting of lime mortar that is used for stone consolidation. With CaLoSiL® you can treat areas, in which conventional lime-based materials are not able to enter. The application of CaLoSiL® can also be combined with silicic acid esters. For that, in the first step the damaged areas are pretreated with CaLoSiL®. After evaporation of the alcohol, silicic acid esters can be applied. The formed fine calcium hydroxide particles act as adhesive, promoting the connection of the generated silicic acid gels with the subsurface. Additionally, the nanolime particles catalyze the hydrolysis of the silicic acid esters.

Product Concentration Color Application
CaLoSiL® E 5, 25, 50 g/L calcium hydroxide in ethanol white structural consolidation of stone, mortar, plaster, murals
CaLoSiL® IP 5, 25 g/L calcium hydroxide in iso-propanol white
CaLoSiL® NP 5, 25 g/L calcium hydroxide in n-propanol white
CaLoSiL® grey 5, 25 g/L calcium hydroxide in ethanol light grey
CaLoSiL® paste like 100 g/L calcium hydroxide in ethanol white Filling of cracks, modification of lime mortar
CaLoSiL® micro >120 g/L calcium hydroxide in ethanol,
1-3 µm particle size


Additional advises and tips for the application you can find in our CaLoSiL® manual.

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CaLoSiL® manual